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Pre-Season Fitness: Keep Moving…

Most of us will be well into pre-season fitness and hockey training by now, but if you are not, it’s still not too late! Mental preparation is almost as important as the physical preparation leading into the season. And getting your body in shape for the season can help focus the mind on the tasks in hand.

I have spoken about the ‘building’ phase in a previous blog post Pre-Season starts here…. Working with both St Ives HC and Stevenage HC, we are well underway into the ‘strength’ phase of our pre-season fitness, soon to move into the ‘power & explosive’ phase.

Strength phase:
This is the phase I use to build and strengthen targeted muscles. Core muscles are essential for hockey, as well as building strength in the legs. My personal favourite is Tabata interval training – four minutes of high intensity training. Alternating between 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest for eight cycles.

An example of Tabata training: 
(Alternate between exercises during 8 cycles – 4 mins 20s on/10s rest)

Warm up/stretch

Mountain Climbers/Squats (4mins)

Star jumps/Warrior Lunges (4mins)

Mountain Climbers/Tuck Jump (4mins)

2 Mins Rest

Shuttles/Crunches (4mins)

Spotty Dogs/Reverse Crunches (4mins)

Shuttles/V-Sits (4mins)

2 Mins Rest

Burpees/Press-Ups (4mins)

Box Jumps/Tri-cep Dips (4mins)

Burpees/Push Plank (4mins)

Warm down/stretch

Power & Explosive phase:

This is the phase I use to build up speed and agility, in relation to game play. Speed is essential for all positions on the pitch. Midfield players require short, sharp bursts and attackers and defenders are required to be fast over both short and long distances. I want to look at sharp acceleration over the first 2-3 steps between 5-15m, distances replicated in game conditions. Speed and agility will allow you to get your stick to the ball first, before your opposition.

An example session:

Fitness sessions are still running at the following locations.

Mondays – 8pm – 9pm

St Nicholas Park, Pilgrims Way, Stevenage until 7th September. £2

Martins Wood School, Stevenage from 7th September throughout the season. £2

Wednesdays – 7.30pm – 8.30pm
St Ives Outdoor Centre AstroTurf, St Ives £3 – Last session 9th September



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