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I’m not much of a photographer….

…. But I do keep trying to capture some good images of hockey players. I have progressed, ever so slightly…. I manage to get the ball in the picture now… And if I’m really lucky I can get a player with the ball…. That is my progression! And I’m pleased by this, since I know nothing about photography…..

Recently at the Hockey Champions Trophy competition at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, I managed to snap a few shots of the men’s and ladies games. I have to remember I am there to watch the games and not photograph them though, otherwise you miss most of the play.

I realised from looking back over my hockey shots that I definitely have a few favourite types of photo:

1) The Penalty Corner

(Las Leonas – Argentina v USA #HCT2016)

(Clifton v Reading)

2) The sideline subs

(Korea v Australia #HCT2016)

(Wales – Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014)

(Germany v Belgium #HCT2016) 

3) Player Shirts

(Ellie Cockburn – Reading v Clifton) 

(Simon Mantell – GB v India #HCT2016)

(South Africa v India – Commenwealth Games Glasgow 2014)

4) The close up

(GB v Netherlands #HCT2016)

(Nick Catlin – GB v India #HCT2016)

5) The obligatory selfie

(Sissy Hauke – Germany) 

(Amy Gibson – Scotland)

(Helen Richardson Walsh – Reading/GB/England)

So there you have it…. My next challenge is to get a photo (unblurred!!) of Alex Danson dribbling the ball…. Here’s hoping !!


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