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Pairs and Ladders…

Week three and we are cracking on with the pre-season fitness training at St Ives Hockey Club. With the start of the school summer holidays, of course some of the teachers had vanished on holiday, but that didn’t stop an increase in numbers. 

Building on strength and endurance this week, in slightly cooler conditions than last weeks blistering sun, meant the introduction of my favourite bit of kit, the ladders! Here’s how the session went… For those teachers who wish to catch up. 

1. Zig-Zag cones and ladders:

(Set up a channel of 8 cones, approximately 5yards apart at 45degree angle, followed by a set of ladders) 

A: Repeat cycle X 2 – rest 1 minute 


  • Sprint forwards jog backwards 
  • Side step squats (touch cone)
  • Sprint (touch cone)


  • Two feet in each box face forward 


  • Warrior Lunges

B: Repeat cycle X 2 – rest one minute


  • Left leg hop 
  • Right leg hop
  • Bunny hops (two feet together, touch the ground)


  • Two feet in each box side facing
  • Change direction on the second round 


  • Reverse Lunges

2. Groups of Four – In Pairs: One pair runs, one pair exercises then swap.

A: 2 x  400m run / Overs & Unders 

B: 1 x  200m sprint / Burpees

C: 1 x 400m run / pairs ‘high 5’ crunches

D: 3 x 100m sprint / plank splits + twists

E: 4 x 50m sprint / pairs squats & reachback

**all runs should have jog back recovery**

For an extra Brucey bonus, here’s a quick Abs of Steel circuit that we didn’t have time for….

  • 10 x sit-up
  • 10 x bicycle crunch
  • 10 x crocodile walk
  • 10 x scissor crunch


  • 10 x duck walk
  • 10 x oblique crunches
  • 50m bear crawl
  • 10 x V-crunches

As with any of these sessions, ensure you have a thorough warm up, warm down and stretch to avoid any injuries. 

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Sun’s out… Guns out…¬†

I thought the torrential hail storm would have cleared the muggy heat in time for last nights pre-season fitness session, but there was no such luck!

Still a good turnout despite some thinking they were going to get caught in hail. Personally I love running in the rain, especially after a blistering hot day. But the sun had persevered and was still warm, proving tricky for speed running.

Before starting the session, especially in the heat, make sure you have hydrated properly and eaten the appropriate amount to get you through the session. For hydration, I use “High 5 – Zero” electrolyte and magnesium tablets. I find they keep you balanced whilst you are sweating and exercising, providing a fresh alternative to water.

Week 2: Endurance/conditioning 

All running should be completed at maximum effort:

2x 800m (2mins rest in between)

  • 10x press-ups
  • 10x squats
  • 10x crunches
  • 10x lunges (each leg)
  • 10x Tricep dips

3x 400m (1min 30 sec rest)

  • 10x tuck jump shuffle (10yrd sprint)
  • 10x burpees
  • 30x left leg hop
  • 30x right leg hop

2x 200m (walk back recovery)

  • 10x ski-jumpers
  • 10x split jumps (or reverse lunges)
  • 45sec plank
  • 10x sumo squat kicks
  • 10x oblique crunches

3x 100m (jog recovery) 

  • 10x leg raises
  • 10x marching plank (raise opp arm/leg)

4x 50m sprints (walk back recovery) 

Always remember to have a thorough warm up and warm down, including a good stretch.

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Back to fitness…

Yes that time of year has come around again, your dreams of a summer of feasting have been shattered, it’s that time for pre-season fitness to start again. 

A sterling turnout from St Ives hockey club, as the 8-week programme gets underway. 

The programme includes team building and stamina building to start, moving onto some strength and conditioning, and finally the power and explosive phase to lead into the on-pitch training. 

For those of you that could not make last nights season and wish to carry out the fitness tests in your own time, I’ve attached the document below for you to do so. Second lot of tests will be in week 8 to **hopefully** show your progression. 

For each exercise, time 1 minute and complete as many of the exercises in one minute as you can. Take 1 minute rest inbetween each exercise (as to make it a fair test – we completed these in pairs). 

Fitness takes place at St Ives Outdoor centre every Wednesday 7.30-8.30. It’s ¬£4 per session. Visit the Website for further details.