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Back to fitness…

Yes that time of year has come around again, your dreams of a summer of feasting have been shattered, it’s that time for pre-season fitness to start again. 

A sterling turnout from St Ives hockey club, as the 8-week programme gets underway. 

The programme includes team building and stamina building to start, moving onto some strength and conditioning, and finally the power and explosive phase to lead into the on-pitch training. 

For those of you that could not make last nights season and wish to carry out the fitness tests in your own time, I’ve attached the document below for you to do so. Second lot of tests will be in week 8 to **hopefully** show your progression. 

For each exercise, time 1 minute and complete as many of the exercises in one minute as you can. Take 1 minute rest inbetween each exercise (as to make it a fair test – we completed these in pairs). 

Fitness takes place at St Ives Outdoor centre every Wednesday 7.30-8.30. It’s £4 per session. Visit the Website for further details. 


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