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A few Flyers more…

Tell me a little bit about yourself?  My name is Rickiah and I’m 14 years old. I live in Stratford, Newham in East London. I started playing hockey when I was near the end of Year 5. I’ve been playing hockey for 4 years. My first ever hockey event was Hockey Nation 2013. In the future I would like to be a nurse or have some profession in a career around medicine. 

What was life like before the FRE Flyers?  Before I joined the FRE flyers I just never really did events and things on a Friday. I just went out sometimes with friends to the park to play football,the regular stuff. 

I got involved with the FRE Flyers when I was 10 and it was around December time in 2012.  It was through a family friend called Stevie who is one of the original FRE Flyers. She told my mum about the age I could start playing hockey, and my mum asked me about it so I said I’d give it a try, later knowing it was one of my favourite sports. 

What does the FRE Flyers mean to you?   The FRE Flyers means something great to me. Its like I’m part of a family and I love it! I’ve made so many new friends and have become close to so many people from it. It is really an amazing thing and if I lost it I wouldn’t be me, because I’m comfortable around all the people here and I love them greatly.

The best thing about the FRE Flyers is I get to meet new people and make new friends and travel to different places with them, its honestly a great experience. It helps me when I’m facing problems I have people to turn to and I have a place to escape too, its almost like a relaxant. 

If I didn’t have the FRE Flyers I think I would probably play football a lot and more regularly but other than that, I would most likely have nothing to do. 

Do you play any other sports?  I play other sport sometimes, like football but I’ve never played in a league or anything. I think sport is important because it plays a huge part of who you are, and what you do in life. Its also important for your mentality and your health.  

What are you looking forward to with the FRE Flyers?  I’m looking most forward to traveling to Holland with everyone because it will be a great experience and will be fun.

I think other people should join because they are missing out on a good experience and also having a great amount of friends. 

I wish people from the days when we played at King’s Ford would come back, just to see how everyone is and have a great catch up.


Ewan is 16 years old and has been playing hockey for two years. Before the FRE Flyers he spent time with mates or watched TV. 

Ewan joined around Christmas time after some of the FRE Flyers went to East London hockey club to play and they encouraged him to join. 

Ewan says the best thing about the FRE Flyers is I have met many new young people in my area. And the coaching. The coaches help people, individuals if they want to try new things.”

Ewan likes other sports such as rock climbing and thinks sport is important because, “It is hard work”

Withoutthe FRE Flyers Ewan thinks he would just be sleeping. His future plans include to get involved in any opportunities he is offered, travel to other countries and wishes for more funding for the Flyers in order to achieve his plans. 

When asked why other people should join, Ewan answers, “They (FRE flyers) provide many opportunities outside hockey.”

The FRE Flyers train at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre Friday’s, 6pm – 8pm. For more information about the FRE Flyers: 

Website :

Twitter: @FREFlyers 

Facebook: FRE Flyers Club

Virgin Money GivingFRE Flyers Fundraising



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