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Fitness Frolics

Session 2: St Ives Hockey Club 

Session two leads nicely into some conditioning and endurance training. 

Equipment needed: 1 pitch (hockey, football, rugby)

Ideally in groups of four, but you can adapt to most numbers. You can even go solo. 

Remember your fitness tests from Session 1

Start in the corner of your pitch, and split your group in two. Half the group will complete the running section, whilst the remaining half will complete the exercises, changing depending on the location of your runners. Swap once your runners return. 

If you select bronze, complete two laps, silver three and gold all four.

Ensure you rest for at least two minutes between each new running distance. 

Fitness sessions are at One Leisure St Ives outdoor centre on Wednesdays 7.30 – 8.30, £4 a session. Anyone welcome. 


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